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12 Sunday September 25th - Moon enters Leo 9:49 AM
Pluto direct Monday September 26th 11:03 AM
Mars ingress Capricorn Tuesday September 27th 4:08 AM
Hidden ambitions can be revealed by one's emotional reactions. Some may feel inspired to become involved in a partnership and search out relationships with underling hope that this will satisfy their feeling of being recognized. An inventive approach to problem solving directed to some social issue can yield beneficial results if those involved are okay to allows others to benefit from their decision as well as themselves. In some cases a difficulty is removed when those involved become less motivated in ignoring the difficulty which their plan can cause others and instead intend a win win situation transpire. The need to be responsible for oneself and take care of one's own personal responsibilities will assist them by freeing them from being overly involved in the business of others. Some can be adamant about being publicly recognized and it is up to the individual to allow others to pursue what they need without them becoming overly involved in their plight. For some it is a simple lesson in one on one relationship support verses social or public support. This remains a good time to free oneself from fantasies and delusions which some had allowed themselves to belief had promise for them, in fact they are begining to clearly see how the plan or idea was designed for someone else. This is extended to an individuals growing clarity and skill to be discerning as to what they allow themselves to get involved with. Letting go of needing to think others are great is itself freeing. Ideally the individual will allow their self admiration to be recognized and mirrored in others.

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Astrologer * William Oulton

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