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13 Monday August 29th - Moon enters Leo 4:13 AM
Venus ingress Libra Monday August 29th 10:08 PM
Mercury retrograde in Virgo Tuesday August 30th 9:05 AM
The analytical craze continues while individuals seek to experience significance. One's apparent intelligence may be qualifying their self esteem and yet such qualification may need to be checked and validated by some external event or dynamic. As we near the end of this Leo Moon cycle a period of reflection can begin. The need to accomplish something in view of others or in the qualification of others is perhaps the biggest Leo nemesis. Natural Leo energy has no interest in such qualification it is great, period. Leo energy is a transformative energy where new things are manifested into the world via Leo dynamics. It's much like the erase head on a tape deck, remember those, where the old information is written over by new stuff. Leo brings in the new stuff at the expense of deleting old. For the individual their significance as it is pursued in a shared world will likely be at the expense of something else. Ideally the individual will simply follow their inspiration, their joy, and things will roll out as they must. Such intention will have an integrity which makes provision for what the shared world is ripe for, it is not some planned takeover as it as a natural time for change. The emotional experience may have been higher than typical for some this Moon cycle and this is most likely connected with feelings concerning sharing values, or health. Values can be material things, property, or it can be comfort and security. A good way to experience integrity when it comes to shared values is by following one's inspiration and to seek and expect win win situations. The rise in analytical attraction can also be put to effective use by looking for precision in practicality as in making sure the Earth and her well being, as well one's own, are considered in one's intentions.

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