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02 Wednesday March 29th - Moon enters Taurus 11:49 AM
Physical effort can lead to a sense of satisfaction in a few different ways. It can bring one to a bond or at the very least get attention from their partner, or want to be partner. It can be an effort toward assisting another, perhaps a family member, for someone a sense of parental guardianship is directed to. Or it can bring one a sense of comfort in that they are taking action toward creating security. With this being an Aries Moon cycle and ruling planet Mars currently transiting Taurus what occurs, the actions one takes now, could very well determine the quality of accomplishment or insight one acquires throughout the remainder of this Moon cycle. Actions taken now can be effective simply because the territory in which they are performed is well know, this may be the case. The reason why one is able to get a move on and take real action regarding their agenda or interest is because they are familiar with the local scene. If however one is not familiar with the terrain then they will be limited in their effectiveness and their action. This means simplicity will be fleshed out, an unforeseen or unnecessary complication can occur. Whatever action or physical efforts one is taking now, they will feel in the flow when they are familiar with or they have done a similar thing before. There is an interest in doing this independently and one may be impulsive as they take the steps toward action however again the individual may be exposing to themselves their own assumptions as to how prepared they are. Ideally the individual will be supported by their foundational simplicity and the correlating familiarity or at the very least be given experiences which will lead to this foundational security, which will serve them the next time.

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Astrologer * William Oulton

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