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02 Saturday May 27th - Moon enters Cancer 7:26 AM
Ideas since the new Moon may have been developed or shared. Now there is a sense of feeling the significance of these ideas. Our ability to notice things via our sensitivity makes us real in terms of being a conscious being. The quality of our most recently focused on ideas are shown to us through our sensitivity and our vulnerability. Powerful forces in recent years may have stopped some plan or agenda, it is this turn of events which the individual may have to deal with in order to bring to themselves comfort and security. The ideas for creating and achieving security for the individual must be considered from the perspective of how one feels about these ideas. It is this increase in sensitivity which can assist the individual in making their ideas real and physical. Here the individual must allow their sensitivity to lead them to the foundational beliefs which their feelings imply. Ideas intended to create or manifest personal security are most likely being challenged by changes in the physical world which the individual has very little control over. If this is the case the best approach is to accept that things are changing, failure to do so will most likely cause things to become much worse. It may be that someone is making rules. Ideas may be discussed yet some of this discussion may be irrelevant. Some may experience a partner who is maintains the rules in order that they be seen as significant in their relationship

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Astrologer * William Oulton

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