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03 Tuesday November 21st - Moon enters Capricorn 2:15 AM
Neptune direct Wednesday November 22nd 10:22 AM
It may have become somewhat apparent recently that the individual needs to deal with the way things are setup or arranged as expected within community function. This can become much more real as if the hammer of authority tells us what we can and cannot do. It is not the individual authority it is the mechanics of the system which runs our social infrastructure which is driving these experiences. Thus we are looking at laws and protocols, or established systems which in many cases we have inherited as a sustaining society and culture. Being politically correct may have seemed innocent enough yet there can be some real ongoing outcomes which are destroying things and this can seem by some as unnecessary. An increase of culture through immigration for example may have seemed innocent previously, or the humanitarian thing to do, yet now is a real wrench in the financial situation which some are facing. A need to accept the authority of a system means understanding how to play with it's reaction to certain actions by the individual. In other words data manipulated in a specific way can deliver different outcomes yet the real data on the grass roots level is still the same. For example some tax strategy loop holes can be closing while others open, and this can all be in the realm of integrity and social harmony. Not to say greedy individuals are not squeezing the rules to their benefit. As the Moon transits Capricorn some can feel a sense of panic yet realistically the thing which triggers this feeling is simply their emotional body reminding them that they as an individual deemed this an important thing. Some can appear extra sensitive in partnership dynamics. Ideally the individual will simple address that which seems to demand their attention and thus persist forward toward the resolution of their security or comfortable living agenda.

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Astrologer * William Oulton

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