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14 Saturday February 25th - Moon enters Pisces 7:25 PM
The impulsive quality of humans has been on the rise for several years now and here in this coming Moon cycle we see this impulsive nature getting additional boost. Before taking brave aggressive action make sure what you are justifying it on is well qualified. Such consideration can be challenging as the feeling one needs to move on their wants and desires is quite spontaneous and impulsive. The thing individual's have been in the habit of believing, their typical and ongoing beliefs, will translate into their actions. If these beliefs are based on data that lacks congruency the individual can very likely meet up with restrictions upon taking action. Ideally the individual will have figured out, at some earlier point, their beliefs manifest around them as experiences and that their actions will be in harmony. Different actions by the individual will be in harmony with each other even if they are separate and different actions. If an individual however has isolated beliefs which are not in harmony then the transpiring actions will also be in discord. Evolving one's beliefs from a single foundational belief will orchestrate their actions as if their seed belief is a hidden conductor. Ideally the individual will have a healthy respect for what is realistically possible in terms of what they can physical do, or what lies in the physical world where their actions will be greeted. That being said there is an urge to have one's fantasies extended into the physical world through actions. The world is flexible and thoughts create yet to participate in the world with the creative force of manifesting one's passions and inspiration integrity and congruency must be established within the individual.

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Astrologer * William Oulton

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