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03 Sunday September 22nd - Moon enters Scorpio 1:41 PM
Sun ingress Libra Friday September 22nd 4:03 PM
Sudden unexpected actions and events crack the shell or pop the bubble of overly optimistic partnerships. As the Moon transits Scorpio a need to know who is in charge of what can dominate one's concern. The material value of a partnership for example can become the prime area of interest rater quickly. Consider how partners mutually own things, things of substance and monetary value will be looked at, in some cases with fine detail. Jupiter's Scorpio ingress on October 10th will seal some of these concerns and many will be dealing with or considering the issue of who owns what for some time. Another way to look at this energy dynamic is in terms of control. Who controls what? If this is a concern it will be exploited big time over the next year, especially if it is an issue during this current Moon transit. From 2009 to 2023 Pluto's Capricorn transit indicates a collapse of structures and beliefs which do not connect with a galactic harmonic of congruency and harmony. In other words rules made by man which are not universal law will not stand the storm of Plutonian change, we are truly as an individual and as a global society living our integrity. Scorpio in it's most ideal form is about sharing, this sharing is comforting and sensual. The damage done to this potential experience is being cleaned up yet it is still a few years ahead of us before we see the light of selfless sharing once again. In the meantime we will see the bustle and hustle of those who believe otherwise about what control is and how they can harness it.

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Astrologer * William Oulton

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