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01 Saturday March 17th 9:13 AM 2018 EST - new Moon in Pisces
Mars ingress Capricorn Saturday March 17th 12:41 PM
A significant thing about a Pisces Moon cycle is that it will host the Vernal Equinox. The Vernal Equinox is sort of a new year for astrology and has significant meaning in regards to the reality or particular paradigm one chooses to exist within. The Vernal Equinox in this case will occur on Wednesday March 21st at 12:17 PM EST. If one can ask themselves what is real and what is simply a manifested opinion, a choice or decision to shift ones experiences into alternate or different type paradigms can be explored. However the individual must be able to discern how real their reality is. The Pisces new Moon will bring shifts in reality by removing the boundaries that sperate apparent "reals". This is why it can be helpful for the individual to question what is real. When it is clearly understood that everything which exists is someone's opinion it is then the individual can begin to see beyond the particular paradigm or shoe box which is their "real". As the boundaries dissolve the individual is better equipped in terms of clarity to deal with the shifting realities. The Vernal Equinox can be seen as the launching day or the day when when one's higher self can potentially merge with their individual human counterpart. This understanding will be difficult to register with one who is not aware that they must go thorough their emotional body as opposed to insisting logic is king. Ideally the individual will feel the correlating metaphoric parallels of life and become increasingly aware of a bigger picture. Breaking free from repeating cycles of difficulty and challenge requires something other than logic or a mental idea of the situation. By examining how one feels about their challenges they pierce the local shoebox or current "real" they have been accepting and begin to dissolve the boundaries, very Pisces.

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