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12 Monday October 24th - Moon enters Virgo 11:17 PM
The need to separate reality from fantasy continues. Many things considered to be true reality are turning out to be, well questioned. What is real? If there is confusion now the individual will do well to prioritize their health and make good with what their body knows is best for them. What a person remembers about about historical record and is documented may be different than what is being shown, and if so then what is correct? Many confusions and anxiety may be attributed to nostalgia, an attachment to how one remembers their past experience. The idea of absolute as it applies to one's need to find stability and health can be considered from the idea that thought creates. Thought creates as an absolute truth extends and implies that all is energy and is manipulatable, as in the past is manipulatable. Reliving the past from a perspective which frees one from an apparent abusive authority is an effective way of shifting one's health in the present. Past realizations about past partnership, or current experiences, may now reoccur as it can seem as if someone was mistaken. Again the need to be realistic will most likely include the need to know and understand how everything is real and how realities can be changed through intention power and focused thought. The best medicine as such is to feel and envision one's own impeccable health.

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Astrologer * William Oulton

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